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Affordable gold jewellery at Merlin for below $400!

Do you sometimes stand outside a jewellery shop and think: “I wish I can buy this.”

Gold has been associated with luxury and a hefty price tag since it was first discovered. And it is touted as one of the safest investments that you can have, due to its high resell value, along with a stable price. Also, how can one resist the warm glow that its rich yellow emits?

We at Merlin understand best how gold is now becoming an increasingly popular choice for jewellery and as an investment! So here are some affordable gold jewellery from us for below $400!

Gold Princess Crystal Series Charms / Pendant

At just $365 you can get this alluring Gold Princess Crystal Series Charms/Pendant! It is made of 916 or 22K gold, along with colourful gemstones to make it an attractive gift for those who have contemporary tastes. A pink present flanked by two pumpkin carriages evokes a scene that can only be found in fairytales! If the birthday of your other half or child is around the corner, this will be the perfect gift.

Gold Gingerbread Man Charm / Pendant

Do you know someone who loves Christmas so much that they still have their decorations up, even though Chinese New Year is coming soon? This Gold Gingerbread Man Charm/Pendant, for $278 will have them jumping with joy! Made of 916 gold, this charm/pendant depicts a gingerbread man wearing a Santa hat, an adorable reminder of the wintry season that has now passed.

Gold Money Bag Bracelet Paired with 6mm Black Agate Beads

Speaking of Chinese New Year, our Gold Money Bag Bracelet Paired with 6mm Black Agate Beads will fit right in! The money bag is made of 999 gold, with its striking yellow beautifully contrasted against well-polished black agate beads. And its price? Just $128! Bring this bracelet home today and you might just attract money coming your way.

Gold Twisted Ripple Chain

For lovers of minimalism, here’s something for you! Our Gold Twisted Ripple Chain priced at $316, is a subtle piece of jewellery that’s suitable for any occasion. A statement of luxury is made through its subtlety, through its unique pattern of braided gold. Wear this for your next outing, and you’ll definitely be stealing the limelight!

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