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Must Have Jewellery For Nature Lovers!

If you dream of nothing more than to take long daily hikes in the countryside while breathing in the fresh air, or are simply a fan of the outdoors, then this piece is must-read.

Gold Netleaf Dangling Stud Earrings

Leaves are easily overlooked, especially if they’re on their own. If you love finding beauty in the details, then this may be the one for you. Our earrings are sure to attract attention, and no one will fail to spot you in a room. 

No flashy patterns or colours are needed, as the quality gold we use is enough to exude a personality of its own. Being subtle in its finer details, it will complement your wardrobe easily. 

Leaves change with the seasons, but this one will always be in fashion!

Pure Gold Lucky Fish Paired with 10mm Sky Blue Cat Eye Beads Bracelet

To look into calm blue waters, with fish swimming lazily within, can be a relaxing pastime, Unless, you have an aquarium or pond of your own, then it may very well be just in your imagination. At Merlin, we appreciate the gentle vibe that this image exudes, so we incorporated it into a piece of our jewellery!

Sky blue cat beads stand for the pond, with its still waters, while the fish with its pure gold body, and red flower-like spots, resembles a koi. A golden koi in Japanese culture symbolizes wealth, and growth, and can be a thoughtful gift that combines aestheticism with positivity.

Gold Julia Dangling Stud Earrings

Butterflies are powerful representations when looking beyond their fluttering wings. Often colourful and giving off a carefree ambience, we have combined their breathtaking qualities into our gold jewellery. With the expansion of cities, and urbanization, butterflies may start being a rare sight. 

Wearing our earrings, you can remind yourself and others of the beauty of nature, which is further elevated by our quality gold. They’re also symbols of change, freedom, and power, and may get you through a bad day by reminding you of hope.

If you enjoyed our nature-themed jewellery, do visit our online store for more breathtaking collections. Feel free to also contact us if you have any questions!