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Make Your Dad Feel Special On This Father's Day with Gold Jewellery

Make Your Dad Feel Special On This Father's Day with Gold Jewellery

Choosing the ideal Father's Day present for your dad may be challenging, especially with the special day quickly approaching. And what is more important than to surprise your dad with something that makes him happy? Given the unending love and sacrifice he has showered on you, he truly deserves a magnificent present this year.


The traditional idea that only women should wear gold jewellery has changed as the world evolves. Now, men can also embellish themselves with any gold item to complement their outfits. From rings and pendants to bracelets, you can take a break from the typical gift and choose a gold accessory. Check out our recommendations below to surprise your dad and make your shopping a bit easier.

Gold Rings

Typically, men wear rings to indicate they are married, but nowadays, they can be accessorised with any clothing. It is a great way to encourage your dad to express his style, as it comes in a variety of designs. But for a more thoughtful gift, choose a ring that would make your bond with your father stronger than ever.


Let your dad don this 916 Gold Hollow Stamping Dollar Sign Ring to boost success and financial achievement! The design features a dollar sign to symbolise your appreciation for his hard work and dedication to providing for the family.


Alternatively, bring good fortune and luck with this statement piece featuring the Chinese character 福 (Fu). Closely associated with money and prosperity, the Chinese abacus is believed to attract wealth, according to Feng Shui.

999 (24k) Pure Gold Abacus X Prosperity (Fu) Adjustable Ring

999 (24k) Pure Gold Abacus X Prosperity (Fu) Adjustable Ring

Gold Pendants

A men’s pendant necklace can be worn as a statement piece or symbol with sentimental meaning. They go well with various outfits, from casual to a little more dressed up, and are among the simplest accessories to wear. So, why not get him a gold pendant to add sentiment and uniqueness to his look? Just keep in mind what he likes and dislikes and freely choose from our options below.


Convey your sincerest wishes to the father who puts a lot of effort into his family with this coin fortune and abacus pendant that represents prosperity and positivity. The striking appearance of its glistening gold beads and rod beads will surely please him!

916 Gold String of Ancient Coin Fortune Rotating Abacus Pendant

916 Gold String of Ancient Coin Fortune Rotating Abacus Pendant

Another option is this 916 Gold Prosperous and Fortune Pendant to get your dad ready for more outstanding success! You can choose between the two Chinese character designs, be it the 吉祥 (Auspicious) or 招财 (Fortune), to wish the best of luck in all aspects of his life.

Gold Bracelets

Your father may be used to pairing his outfit with a watch, so this time, why not give him a bracelet to make a statement on his attire? Wearing it will give it a unique and profound meaning while also complementing his favourite timepiece.


Black and gold never fail to make a classy and sleek combination, ideal for the daily gentleman. Skillfully crafted in 916 gold, it has an abacus charm strung with cat eye beads, offering a versatile bracelet item that your father may use to complete his outfit!


916 Gold Countless Wealth Abacus Bracelet Paired With 10mm Cat Eye Beads

916 Gold Countless Wealth Abacus Bracelet Paired With 10mm Cat Eye Beads

Or you can opt for this 999 Pure Gold Abundance Wealth Pixiu Bracelet for the ultimate wish of wealth. According to Feng Shui traditions, Pixiu is a Chinese mythological creature that is said to attract and maintain prosperity. It comprises a variety of beads like copper rutilated quartz, green phantom, and white crystal, and it is definitely something that your dad will highly appreciate.

Gold Bars

If your dad is someone who appreciates investment items, a gold bar could be an ideal present. It is not just about the monetary value of gold but what it represents: a durable, lasting token of love, and gratitude for all that he has done.


What better way to thank your dad for everything he has done in your life than with this 999.9 Pure Investment Gold 5 Gram PAMP Gold Bar? It is produced by PAMP, one of the world's most respected precious metal refineries, and is packaged in a gift box to make gift-giving much easier!


2024 is the year of the dragon, the legendary creature known for its dominant, determined, and ambitious nature. These qualities are also often associated with fathers who possess a strong sense of leadership and a drive to succeed in life. So, this Father’s Day, let’s shower him with good fortune and wealth with this 999 gold bar featuring the most auspicious Chinese zodiac.

999 Pure Investment Gold PAMP 5 Gram Gold Bar Exclusive Year of the Dragon

999 Pure Investment Gold PAMP 5 Gram Gold Bar Exclusive Year of the Dragon

Make Your Dad Feel Special with Merlin Goldsmith’s Collections

We understand that finding the perfect gift for your father can be challenging, especially when it comes to gold pieces. However, we believe that with some effort, you can find something that he will truly love and appreciate.


At Merlin Goldsmith, we have a variety of gold jewellery that would be ideal as a Father’s Day gift, so remember to browse our 916 or 999 collection. If you have any questions or need assistance, do not hesitate to contact us today!