916 Gold Hollow Rope Chain (HRC 6GM+)

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18 Inches / 46cm
C94241 6.41gm 3mm Spring Hook 
C94243 6.49gm 3mm Spring Hook
C94733 6.43gm 3mm Spring Hook
20 Inches / 51cm
C94737 6.83gm 3.2mm Spring Hook
C94738 6.81gm 3.2mm Spring Hook
C95492 6.91gm 3.2mm Spring Hook
C95493 6.93gm 3.2mm Spring Hook
19 Inches / 48cm
C94248 6.78gm 3mm Spring Hook
C94246 6.70gm 3mm Spring Hook
C95486 6.75gm 3mm Spring Hook
C94245 6.71gm 3mm Spring Hook
C94244 / C94249 6.88gm 3mm Spring Hook
24 Inches / 61cm
C95295 / C95292 6.11gm 2.5mm S Hook
C94226 6.11gm 2.5mm Spring Hook
C94227 6.12gm 2.5mm Spring Hook
26 Inches / 66cm 
C93656 6.46gm 2.5mm Spring Hook
C94870 6.47gm 2.5mm Spring Hook
C95300 6.55gm 2.5mm S Hook
C95297 6.57gm 2.5mm S Hook

Package Contents: 

  • 1 x Merlin Goldsmith Jewellery Gift Box
  • 1 x Paper Bag
  • 1 x Invoice

*Do check and confirm all measurements before placing your order. No changes to be made upon issuance of order confirmation .
*All measurements are done manually. As such, please expect 1-3mm differences in measurements.
*All jewellery are 916 Gold (22k) and stamped with 916 hallmark.