916 Gold Hollow Rope Chain (HRC 6GM+)

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Simple and Classic Hollow Rope Chain that pair perfectly with your favorite pendant.

16 Inches / 41cm
C97148 6.02gm 3.1mm Spring Hook
C97149 6.08gm 3.1mm Spring Hook
18 Inches / 46cm
C96272 6.04gm 3.01mm Spring Hook
C96268 6.06gm 3.01mm Spring Hook
C94241 6.41gm 3mm Spring Hook 
C94243 6.49gm 3mm Spring Hook
C94733 6.43gm 3mm Spring Hook
19 Inches / 48cm
C96275 6.24gm 3.07mm Spring Hook
C96276 6.26gm 3.07mm Spring Hook
C96274 6.29gm 3.07mm Spring Hook
C94245 6.71gm 3mm Spring Hook
C95488 6.67gm 3mm Spring Hook
C95486 6.75gm 3mm Spring Hook
20 Inches / 51cm
C96643 6.80gm 3.2mm Spring Hook
C96642 6.82gm 3.2mm Spring Hook
C94737 6.83gm 3.2mm Spring Hook
C94738 6.81gm 3.2mm Spring Hook
C95493 6.93gm 3.2mm Spring Hook
22 Inches / 56cm
C96644 6.99gm 3.0mm Spring Hook
24 Inches / 61cm
C97144 6.01gm 2.5mm Spring Hook
C95292 6.11gm 2.5mm S Hook
C94226 6.11gm 2.5mm Spring Hook
C95293 6.18gm 2.38mm S Hook
26 Inches / 66cm 
C96263 6.12gm 2.54mm Spring Hook
C97147 6.48gm 2.47mm Spring Hook

Package Contents: 

  • 1 x Merlin Goldsmith Jewellery Gift Box
  • 1 x Paper Bag
  • 1 x Invoice

*Do check and confirm all measurements before placing your order. No changes to be made upon issuance of order confirmation .
*All measurements are done manually. As such, please expect 1-3mm differences in measurements.
*All jewellery are 916 Gold (22k) and stamped with 916 hallmark.