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What Makes Gold So Attractive?

Gold is an incredibly valuable precious metal in the eyes of many people. It may also be seen as a status symbol of prosperity and wealth. However, there are other factors that makes us attracted to gold, and you may find some of them to be quite interesting!

It is valuable and versatile

This is likely to be the first answer that pops up if someone were to ask you, “What makes gold attractive?”. Do you know? Investing in gold doesn’t just mean buying bulky bars to stash away. It can also be buying exquisite gold jewellery, such as our Pure Gold Dragon Tortoise Paired with 10MM Black Agate Bracelet.

You can wear it from time to time as an accessory, instead of letting it gather dust inside your safety box. It can be both a worthwhile investment and a gorgeous fashion statement, our gold is truly versatile.

It catches our eye

Gold glistens and shimmers, when in contact with light, which catches our attention. Our eyes will automatically zone in on surfaces that glitter, as we need water to survive, and the effect that light has on gold is similar to that of water.

This is an incredibly intriguing fact, and maybe you can test it on our Gold Baby Fishbone Bracelet. We think its unique design of interwoven gold, is enough to catch anyone’s eye!

It symbolizes success and wealth

The usage of gold leaf in paintings, and more recently, food, hints at the status of the buyer. Some rappers can also be seen liberally wearing gold accessories, to send a message that they have “made it”. This can even be seen in the Chinese language, where money carries the same ideogram as gold.

Our Gold Circle Dollar Sign Pendant is the perfect gift for businessmen and women, to wish them prosperity and success. It is also ideal for family and friends, as an auspicious symbol, for their birthdays or anniversaries.

It doesn’t degrade or tarnish

Gold doesn’t react to oxygen, and water, especially true for those at higher carats, such as 999 gold (24K), and 916 gold (22K). It won’t break down over the years and doesn’t need any polishing to maintain its shine. You can have it passed down as a family heirloom, and it will stay as new as the day you bought it.

Our Gold Merlion Pendants may seem to only suit National Day but imagine a present that can be kept forever. If you have a friend visiting from overseas, or a foreign business partner that has you scratching your head for a gift, then this is for you. Take their breath away by giving them a timeless present.