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What does a Thali signify in Hindu culture? Here's What to Know

In this day and age, where necklaces are used as a form of statement piece, there is one necklace that Indian women wear as a symbol of matrimony and the holy bond shared between husbands and wives. Yes, we are talking about the Thali. In the Tamil culture, it is known as a Thali or Thirumangalyam. The designs for Thalis may have evolved over the years, but its divine significance still remains.

The most important part of a Hindu marriage is the tying of the Thali around the bride’s neck, signifying the bond of marriage. This ceremony is equivalent to exchanging rings in a western ceremony. It’s a beautiful, glorious ceremony, with petals showering the couple and loud music and cheering.

What does a Thali look like?

A thali has a long yellow thread and a gold pendant representing the Goddess Supreme. However, modern day brides prefer to use a gold chain instead of a yellow thread. It all comes down to the preference of the bride. The North Indian version of a mangalsutra usually has a black beaded chain and a gold pendant.

What does tying the Thali knot mean?

A Thali is the mark of love, respect and a lot more. During the Thali ceremony, the groom is required to tie three knots around the bride’s neck. Each knot implies different things. The groom only ties the first two knots, while his sister or anyone in similar relation ties the remaining one knot. However, in some instances, the groom ties all the three knots.

The first two knots tied by the groom signify the commitment of the couple and to assure the well-being of the bride. Whereas, the third knot is tied by the groom's sister signifying the commitment between both families.

Here at Merlin, we carry a range of thali series where you can pick and design a thali of your choice! These are a few types of Thali charms that we think are perfect for the modern-day bride. You can always customize your thalli to resonate with your taste. A Thali is a meaningful piece of jewelry and even if you make a few tweaks in the design, its significance does not change. Make sure you find the right one because after all, you will wear it for a lifetime!