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What Can You Do With Your Old Gold Jewellery?

Have you ever come across a dusty old box during spring cleaning? And as you open it, you see a bunch of glittering gold jewellery, unworn for a long time.

Gold jewellery isn’t something we can just throw out, so it is left taking up space, to be discovered again next time, with its box dustier than before.

Here are some of our suggestions on what to do with your old gold jewellery!

Sell it!

You may think “Duh!”, as this is such an obvious answer, and for some it may be their go-to solution, especially with the rising prices nowadays. However, some gold jewellery are family heirlooms, passed down from one generation to another, or they have strong sentimental value but have fallen out of style.

What if you have jewellery that’s always fashionable? Imagine your descendants sporting them to events and outings, or you yourself many years in the future, still using the same gold jewellery. That sounds outrageous, but we are proud to say that Merlin’s Jewellery, is designed to be fashionable throughout the ages, and not just piggybacking off the latest fashion trend.

Rolling your eyes? Take a look at our gold jewellery! Or contact us to see them for yourself!

Gift it to a special someone!

One man’s meat is another man’s poison! What you find unattractive might be the new favourite accessory for someone else. Gold is also a precious and luxurious metal, with an air of prestige. Therefore, anyone you gift it to will surely jump for joy.

Alternatively, gift it to your children or grandchildren and tell them about the history behind the gold jewellery. This can teach them to learn from the past and better appreciate the sacrifices that have been made by the previous generation!

But there will be another problem, you may feel shame at giving them second-hand jewellery, even though it is made of precious metal. Buy from Merlin’s, and you will have this problem gone! We have 24K, or 999, gold jewellery that endured the test of time, and even if it’s a few decades down the road, it looks as good as new!

Our jewellery across all karats is of nothing less than top-notch quality! Take a look now!

916 Gold Solid Box Chain 

Repurpose it!

If you still want to keep your gold jewellery and find a use for them, why not consider repurposing them? Have them repurposed and made into a new piece, or several pieces to your own liking! However, don’t just run to a jeweler yet, as there are several cons to this.

If your gold jewellery is less than 24K, then there could be problems, as each metal behaves differently at various temperatures, which could make the process difficult. Also, the cost of doing so is similar to or even higher than buying new jewellery, so it may not be worth it.

This method is the most time and money-consuming in this article as the time taken to repurpose jewellery can span up to 3 weeks! Therefore, why not buy from us? With new releases every week, and designs that suit every taste, you will find yourself spoilt for choice.

Visit our shop right now, to get your dream jewellery! You can also contact us for more information!