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Tips for Choosing the Best 916 Gold Jewellery for Your Child

Tips for Choosing the Best 916 Gold Jewellery for Your Child

Parents may buy jewellery for their children for various reasons, such as cultural or religious beliefs, or to commemorate special events like birthdays or milestones. This practice is not new, as the tradition of purchasing gold jewellery for children is already ingrained in many cultures worldwide. It has been used as a good luck charm, to mark a baptism or first communion, or as a fashion statement.


However, choosing the right accessories for your little ones can be challenging as you must consider the safety, size, and design factors. In this article, we will provide practical tips for selecting tasteful and age-appropriate 916 gold jewellery pieces that your child will love to wear. Whether you are looking for bracelets, necklaces, or earrings, our tips will help you choose the right piece. So, let's dive in and explore the collection of gold accessories for your children!

Why should you buy 916 gold jewellery for your child?

Gold has always held a special place in Singapore as it is historically seen as a symbol of prosperity and abundance. However, the significance of gold goes beyond material wealth. If you are considering investing in a meaningful way for your child's future, buying 916 gold jewellery can be a thoughtful option for several reasons:


Gold is known to be one of the most durable metals because of its resistance to the effect of external elements, such as weather conditions. Whether your child is playing, running around, or engaging in other activities, you can be confident that their brilliant piece will remain in excellent condition.


When children sweat, they may react to metals like nickel, which is usually alloyed in white gold. However, the high purity level of 916 yellow gold means it is unlikely to cause allergic reactions. If you have a child with sensitive skin, choosing 22k jewellery may be a safer and more comfortable choice for them.


Unlike other children’s gifts like toys or clothing, gold has always maintained its value over the long term. While children may not initially grasp the value of gold, their understanding of the worth of the jewellery will slowly develop as they mature. Additionally, since gold resists inflation, the piece given to your little ones will be more valuable as they grow up.

How do you choose the best 916 gold jewellery for your child?

Although you always want your children to look their best, you must choose a piece that does not compromise their comfort. Uncomfortable accessories can be a source of distraction, negatively affecting their mood throughout the day. That is why you should be mindful of their preferences and select something that looks great and does not cause irritation.


Here are some tips that can help you make the right decision:


Your child’s jewellery should be appropriately sized to prevent discomfort. Pieces that are too tight could be constricting, while those that are too loose might pose a risk. As children tend to outgrow things very quickly, we recommend choosing an adjustable bracelet or chain so they can wear it for longer.


A simple chain necklace is an option for both girls and boys and is great for everyday wear. When you are buying a gold chain for very young children, make sure that you identify and select the most appropriate length. If you are still determining which chain length to choose for your child, speak to your jeweller, who can advise you based on your baby's age and size.




Children are always playing and moving around; therefore, as adults, you should choose safe jewellery to wear during playtime. Dangling earrings are best avoided, as they can weigh down your children’s lobes, causing discomfort. They are also impractical, as they easily get caught in clothing or other objects during playtime. Instead, opt for gold stud earrings, as they are often the safest choice and much less likely to fall off or harm your little ones.


Remember to constantly monitor your children and remove their accessories when you notice situations such as:

  • They are putting the pendant or necklace in their mouth
  • They are tugging or pulling their earrings
  • They are wearing the jewellery for excessive periods or whilst sleeping
  • The gold piece they are wearing is becoming too tight on them




Even if we consider them only as children, they still have different personalities, tastes and styles. Due to this, convincing them to wear traditional gold jewellery can be challenging. Your input would be to choose characters they love and find a motif to arouse their interest or curiosity.


However, they tend to change their interests regularly, so what once intrigued them may not hold the same appeal as they grow. It is also important to remember that the chosen adornment should be visually appealing and age-appropriate for them to wear.



Sparkle Your Child's Joy with Merlin Goldsmith

Children are naturally drawn to the sparkle and glamour of jewellery, and at Merlin Goldsmith, we understand this fascination better than anyone. That is why we have an exquisite collection of 916 gold jewellery designed exclusively for children of all ages. So, do not hesitate to contact us for any questions or shop with us today and watch your child's eyes light up joyfully!