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The Hidden Power of Gold Jewellery: How It Affects Your Mood and Behavior.

Gold has always been tied to symbols of wealth, status, and prosperity for centuries. But have you ever stopped to consider the psychology behind wearing gold jewellery? Why are people so attracted to it, and how can it affect their mood and behaviour? Let us look into the world of gold jewellery and why we are so attracted to it.


It can boost self-confidence.

When you adorn yourself with gold jewellery, it can boost your mood! The reason for this is due to the appearance of gold, where its natural yellow hue is regarded as beautiful by many. Therefore, when we adorn ourselves with something that is seen as appealing, it can be a form of self-care as it makes us feel good.


Find a piece of gold jewellery that expresses your personality, such as a pendant in the shape of an anchor for those who love the ocean, or a statement piece that showcases your love of being in the spotlight. Besides being a status symbol, gold jewellery can also help us stay true to ourselves through self-expression. And what better way to give ourselves a boost in self-confidence than by expressing who we really are?"


You can feel celebrated and recognised.

When we reach a new milestone, be it starting a new career, getting married to a loved one, or graduating after long years of study, we would want to have the moment recognised and commemorated. When you’re wearing jewellery that is personal to you, where each piece has a special story behind it, you will surely feel a sense of pride that comes from being unique.


When wearing jewellery that you have a meaningful attachment to, you’ll feel in control over your appearance. This boosts your self-esteem, empowering you with the courage needed to face the future, as you can bring reminders of past accomplishments wherever you go!


It can inspire creativity.

Does your morning routine include staring at your wardrobe while wondering what to wear? Do you want to sport a different look but don't know how? An easy solution is to look at the jewellery that you have right now!

Build your outfit around the gold jewellery you want to wear for the day, and you'll find a large number of ideas slowly popping up. If a statement piece has caught your eye, you might want to start experimenting with bold colours or choose a muted outfit to let the jewellery shine.

Want to tap into gold jewellery’s hidden power?

From boosting your confidence to evoking feelings of luxury and sophistication, gold jewellery has a power that goes far beyond its beauty. So why not tap into this hidden potential with us at Merlin? Browse through our store from the comfort of your home and bring a few pieces of gold jewellery home today! And feel free to contact us if you have any questions!