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Significance Of Gifting Gold To Babies

A recent addition to the family is a significant cause for celebration! It’s a wonder that they’re also known as “bundle of joy”, as they bring smiles on to the faces of all who see them. Innocent and adorable, new parents may throw lavish parties sometimes mark their entrance into the world.

If they have invited you to such a merry occasion, you must be looking to shower the new born with gifts. If you’re wracking your brains on what to buy, why not purchase some gold? Read on to know the significance of gifting this precious metal to babies!

Auspicious symbolism

Mark a new life’s beginning with promising tidings! Gold is a sign of wealth, success, and grandeur. It also stands for purity and eternity, as it being a noble metal, doesn’t rust or degrade over time, therefore gold jewellery doesn’t need any polishing to keep its shine. This makes it a go to gift for not only marriages but also the celebration of a new-born’s birth.

Even though gifts of gold may be seen as belonging to those from an older generation, there’s a wide variety of contemporary styles they have been crafted in. The Gold Rhodium Moon Bracelet entwines soft grey with shimmering gold, complementing each other while elevating the air of elegance.

Pay homage to tradition and inject a touch of modernity at the same time! The newborn will favour this piece as it grows, while their parents nod at your thoughtfulness.

Safe for the baby

Another reason for gifting gold instead of other metals is to be on the safe side. To avoid any allergic reaction, gold is the most popular choice as it is hypoallergenic. A baby’s skin is sensitive, which is why utmost care must be taken when choosing a jewellery for it. Another factor to consider is the choking hazard, as babies may chew on, and swallow parts of the jewellery.

Let us help you pick a safe choice! Our Gold (6MM) Baby Fishbone Bracelet is the perfect choice. It is minimalistic, which eliminates hazards of any kind, and maintains an air of luxury with its interwoven threads of gold. Being 916, or 22 carats, there will be little chance for allergies, along with not needing any maintenance or polishing to keep its look.

Investment for their future

Saving accounts catered to children may be the go to choice when parents want to plan for their future. Some may have even been building up a separate fund months before their young ones are born! Impress their parents by gifting gold jewellery as this will also show your thoughtfulness for their child’s future.

Before you run off to buy bulky gold bars, jewellery works too, and we have just the recommendation! This minimalist series bracelet comes in two forms, the first bearing an infinity symbol, while the second has a glittering ball. Each is beautiful in their own ways, such as the former being a sign of eternity, and can complement any outfit that the baby wears. The latter, on the other hand, is subtle in design, and can be easily paired with other bracelets or jewellery.

Getting an invitation to a baby shower is a joyous moment and choosing the right gift can be nerve-wracking! If you would like to explore more options, go to our online store, or contact us for any questions you may have!