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Romantic Gold Jewellery For a Marriage Proposal

The moment that both of you have been waiting for. A sign of commitment where all roads lead to a wedding. Diamond rings are the classic choice, but why not make it memorable by considering gold jewellery from us at Merlin’s?

Gold elephant hair ring (3 rows)

Gold is a symbol of eternity, as it does not degrade or rust. Set the romantic moment in stone as you slip the ring on to your other half’s finger. Marriage proposals are in themselves a sign of commitment, so why not cement this through our Gold Elephant Hair Ring (3 rows).

Elephants are revered as a symbol of good luck, power, and a remover of obstacles. Elevated to stand amongst mythical creatures like the dragon and phoenix, it is a wonder why they are admired by many throughout the years.

We understand proposals are momentous events of a lifetime, and with it comes both hopes and fears from both sides before they begin the journey to settle down. This is more of a reason you should start your road to marriage with the elephant hair ring. It will be a testament to you and your partner’s will, along with an auspicious sign of a smooth beginning.

Gold Sparkling Wire Mesh Heart Necklace

You would have seen proposals acted out in movies and described in books. You may wonder when your moment will come. Some may even fantasise about their own proposals and have a rough plan of how it will plan out.

With the Gold Sparkling Wire Mesh Heart Necklace, you can ensure that your other half experiences an unforgettable moment. Its glittering surface exudes an aura of serenity, while the delicate Criss Cross of mesh evokes a light-hearted atmosphere. Give them a heart of gold they can always wear, with a subtle design that lets it be worn to any event, taking the thought of you everywhere they go.

Gold Italy Link Chain Bracelet with Dangle Heart Pad Lock, Key and Anchor

Proposal is a sign of devotion, where two people begin a commitment to each other. It is a promise of fidelity, purpose, and love. Minimalism may not fully capture their feelings towards one another, and that’s where this piece of gold jewellery comes in!

The Gold Italy Link Chain Bracelet with Dangle Heart Pad Lock, Key and Anchor is meaningful, and eye-catching. A heart-shaped padlock and key, signifying unwavering commitment to one another, while the anchor represents fidelity and stability. Bound onto a gold chain, it speaks of strength to overcome any obstacles that stand in your way. Bursting with positivity, grit, and promises, your other half will jump for joy!

Make your marriage proposal an unforgettable moment with us at Merlin’s! Feel free to browse our online store for more choices, or contact us, for any and all questions.