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Pixiu Bracelet Do’s and Don’t and the History behind Pixiu

What is a Pixiu?

The Pixiu, also known as Pi Yao, is a mythical animal from Chinese culture. The creature resembles a large, abstract, but powerful lion creature. It has the head and wings of a dragon. Sometimes they even have a horn. The Pixiu is a symbol for wealth, good fortune, and protection. It is believed to be loyal to its owner and protects them from harm and wards off evil spirits.

What is the history of Pixiu?

There are several Chinese legends behind the story of Pixiu. Most famous one being the fact that it was the youngest of the nine children born of the legendary Dragon King. One day, the Pixiu visited the Jade Emperor and happened to defecate all over the palace floor. This enraged the Jade Emperor, resulting in him sealing the Pixiu’s bottom, so it could no longer defecate and repeat the same mistake. The Pixiu eats valuable jewels, silver and gold but they could never leave its body due to the sealed bottom. Thus, Pixiu became the symbol of abundance and wealth as it consumes valuables but never excretes them.

What is the proper way to wear a Pixiu bracelet?

When it comes to Feng Shui, your left hand is believed to be the receptive side, while the right hand is the projective side. To gain full use of a Pixiu’s power, you need to wear it on your left hand, bringing in wealth and good fortune. The right wrist is to share that fortune with others. Wearing the bracelet on your right-hand means you’re giving away the wealth energy to other people. 

When wearing the bracelet, ensure that the Pixiu’s head is facing outwards, allowing the Pixiu to hunt for wealth and bring that wealth to you. 

You have to make sure to treat the Pixiu with utmost respect, meaning you have to remove the bracelet when you’re engaging in intimate moments, when in the toilet or in the shower. Respecting the Pixiu will allow it to work harder for you. 

It is also important to wear your Pixiu amulet consistently. This will strengthen your bond with the Pixiu, recognising you as its owner and instill loyalty. You need to touch or caress the Pixiu on a regular basis to wake it up but avoid touching its eyes and mouth because it needs them to hunt for your wealth. Do not allow anyone else to touch your bracelet as it may divert the Pixiu’s loyalty to these people.

What do I do if someone else touches my Pixiu bracelet?

Try to avoid letting someone else touch your bracelet but if it were to happen accidentally, just rinse the Pixiu bracelet with some water.

Can I wear the Pixiu bracelet during sleep?

No, you’re not allowed to wear the bracelet when you’re asleep. Remove the bracelet and place it in the hall with the head facing the main door. Avoid keeping the bracelet in the bedroom as it may disrupt your sleep. Never keep the bracelet on the floor.

Who can wear the Pixiu bracelet?

Those under the age of 16 and elderly people over the age of 70 are not recommended to wear a Pixiu bracelet. The reason being the individuals within these age groups might not be able to suppress all the vital energy that is emitted by the Pixiu, which is known to be a fierce creature. The Pixiu bracelet is also not recommended to be worn by pregnant or menstruating women.

Can I wear the Pixiu bracelet with my watch?

Yes, you may wear the Pixiu bracelet on the same wrist (left) as your watch. 

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Head on to our official website or click here to browse through our designs. Feel free to reach out to us for more information regarding this precious symbol. We are more than happy to assist you!