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How to Pick the Perfect Ring Size

You’ve found a ring design you really like, you’ve bought it, you’ve received it - and you’ve realised you’ve bought the wrong size. Getting the right fit for rings can be really difficult without trying them on and accidentally ordering the wrong size can be especially disheartening if you had planned on immediately wearing the ring or gifting it. Luckily, there are multiple ways to accurately measure your ring size or your partner’s ring size to find the perfect fit!

How to Measure Your Own Ring Size

First off, remember to measure the finger you wish to wear the ring on! It may seem obvious, but with how busy life can get, remembering that you actually want to wear a ring on your index finger instead of your ring finger is not likely to be in the forefront of your mind.

 The first method you can try is a plastic or paper ring size chart. These are charts with the different ring sizes blacked out or cut out so that you can just match your finger or your own ring to it! A well-fitted ring should fit snugly on the finger and still be able to get past the knuckle relatively easily! You could also try a plastic ring sizer, which refers to a small “belt” that you fit to your finger.

Ring Sizer from Shopee 

The next method is the string or paper method, where you cut a piece of paper to fit around your finger or tie a piece of string around your finger, mark the two ends and measure them to the nearest millimeter (mm).

How to Measure Your Partner's Ring Size (stealthily!)

The first method you could try is the Sleep-String method! While your partner dozes off after Saturday brunch, take a piece of string or dental floss and gently wrap it around their ring finger. Take notice of which hand your partner prefers to wear their rings on. Usually, they’ll wear it on their non-dominant hand, which for most people will be their left. Mark the two ends and measure the length of strong or floss to the nearest mm.

The other methods involve taking their existing rings to check the size. Remember to take the rings that they will wear on the finger they’ll wear their new ring on! If you plan on proposing, it is most likely that they will wear their ring on their ring finger, which is next to the pinky. If you measure rings they wear on their thumb or pinky, the measurements will not be accurate.

  • Check it against a ring size chart. You can print a pdf of a ring size chart off Google and match their ring to the shaded circle on the chart!

  • Take a tape measure or string to the inside of the ring. Holding one end of the tape measure or string, wrap the measuring tool along the inside of the ring and mark the ends, measuring to the nearest mm. Measure the inside, not the outside, as the outside has added thickness.

  • Take one of their rings to a jeweler to have it sized by a professional. To do this, take a ring that they won’t notice is gone, or say that you have a friend who wants to get a similar ring for their partner or friend. A professional is more likely to be able to accurately measure your partner’s ring size. You could also trace the inside of the ring and take that to the jeweler’s.

Other methods

  • Try to match their ring size with costume jewellery! Buy a costume ring or go to a costume jewellery store and let them try on the rings. When the ring fits (or doesn’t) you will have a much better idea of what their ring size is like.

  • When they wear a ring, ask to borrow it to try it on for fun and mark where it falls on your hand. This will really only work if they have smaller hands than yours. If you are able to wear their ring snugly, you could get your own ring size measured as it will likely fit them.