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916 Gold vs 999 Gold as an Investment in Singapore

Gold has long been regarded as a reliable investment in Singapore. However, not all gold is created equal, and understanding the differences in purity, such as the contrast between 916 gold and 999 gold will help you make wise investment choices.

916 Gold Investment in Singapore

916 gold, is made up of 91.6% pure gold, and 8.4% other metals, usually copper and silver. This combination is carefully crafted to strike a balance between the purity of the gold and the practical benefits brought in by the additional metals. The choice of incorporating copper or silver into the gold alloy is especially important when making complex jewellery, as it guarantees that the final product will last a long time without losing its shine or succumbing to scratches.


Some advantages of investing in 916 gold include:


Accessible for a broader range of investors

The lower premium associated with 916 gold makes it accessible to a broader range of people. Whether you are a first-time gold investor or someone looking to diversify your portfolio, this gold jewellery provides an attractive entry point into the world of gold investments.

Lower initial cost compared to 999 gold

Another noteworthy benefit of choosing 916 gold is its cost-effectiveness. In comparison to 999 gold, it often comes with a lower price tag. This makes it a wallet-friendly choice for many investors who want to venture into gold ownership without breaking the bank.

Versatility in design

The composition of 916 gold allows for intricate and detailed designs in jewellery. This versatility is particularly appealing for individuals who seek unique and personalised pieces, turning their investment into not just a financial asset but also a wearable accessory.

Examples of 916 Gold Investment

Gold bracelets and bangles

If you are seeking a balance between style and investment, 916 gold bracelets and bangles offer an attractive option. The alloy's durability ensures that these pieces remain resilient even with regular wear.

Gold necklaces

These pieces are designed for both beauty and durability. The malleability of 916 gold allows for intricate designs that cater to different tastes. From subtle patterns to bolder statements, these 916 gold necklaces are investments in a style that you can wear with confidence every day.

Gold rings

916 gold rings are popular for both their cultural significance and investment potential. The strength of the alloy lets jewellers create detailed designs, making these rings versatile pieces that can be handed down through the generations.

999 Gold Investment in Singapore

Unlike 916 gold, 999 gold stands out with an impressive composition of 99.9% pure gold, with very minimal other components. Investing in gold with a purity of 999 is often considered a good choice because it is very close to being pure gold, and it carries a high intrinsic value. The higher the gold purity, the fewer alloyed metals are present, which means the gold is less prone to tarnish or discolouration. It is also important to note that the high purity also means it is a bit delicate, requiring more care when handling it.


However, many investors are drawn to this nearly pure gold due to its:

Global recognition and tradability

The exceptional purity of 999 gold makes it easily recognisable and highly tradable on the global market. This global acceptance adds a layer of liquidity to the investment, allowing investors to trade them with ease.

Potential for better resale value

The elevated purity of 999 gold opens doors to the potential for better resale value compared to lower-purity alternatives. Market conditions and demand for purer gold can contribute to an increased resale value, resulting in a favourable return on investment.

Suitable for investment diversification

Investors with a strategic approach to portfolio diversification find 999 gold to be a valuable addition. Its tangible nature complements other asset classes, providing a well-rounded approach to diversifying risk and ensuring a robust investment portfolio.

Examples of 999 Gold Investment

Gold bars

999 gold bars are an ideal choice if you are seeking a straightforward and tangible form of wealth storage. They often come with official certifications and are easily traded in the international bullion market.

Gold coins

Many renowned jewellers create limited-edition gold coins with intricate designs, adding both numismatic and artistic value to your investment. These exclusive releases can be distinctive additions to your investment portfolio.

Gold pendants

The high purity allows for exquisite designs, making these 999 gold pendants not only a precious accessory but also a valuable investment. Their versatility allows you to enjoy both the aesthetic appeal and financial benefits of 999 gold.

916 (22 Carats) and 999 (24 Carats) Gold

22k and 24k gold, also known as 916 and 999 gold, are the purest forms of gold commercially available. Often used in luxury jewellery, gold makes up 91.6% and 99.9% of the weight. These gold grades are often the softest and if they are not thick enough, they tend to get scratched or go out of shape easily. It is rare to find rings that use 22k or 24k gold for that very reason, as we use our hands too often to ensure the appearance of the gold. However, these gold grades are the most resistant to tarnishing and are perfect for daily wear as long as they are used in bracelets, pendants and chains, which are not touched as frequently. To add colour and sparkle to these gold grades, other metals such as rhodium or silver are used as they are light enough to be supported by the gold.

916 or 999? Your golden investment journey begins here!

Choosing between 916 gold and 999 gold is a thoughtful decision that requires careful consideration. You are encouraged to weigh the purity, appearance, and potential returns, aligning your choices with personal preferences and market dynamics.

Additionally, keep an eye on gold prices through trusted financial platforms, and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us today at Merlin Goldsmith.  

To find the perfect fit for your investment journey, dive into our selection of 916 gold and 999 gold. Your path to golden opportunities awaits!