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Different Gold Grades

When shopping for jewellery, the most familiar term used is likely to be “karats”. Also spelled as “carats”, karats is a unit of measurement that measures the ratio of gold against other metal alloys. It is probably common knowledge that the higher the number of karats, the more gold a piece has and hence, the more expensive it is, with 24k gold being the purest gold jewellery available. Of course, other metals are often added for strength and durability of the jewellery, as gold is a very soft, malleable metal in its pure form. To make different colours of gold, such as rose gold, which is made from gold and copper, different metals are added as well.

9K and 10K Gold

The smallest grades of gold available are 9k and 10k gold, also known as 375 or 417 gold. The numbers represent the purity of the gold, referring to the purity of gold being 37.5% and 41.7% respectively. This is usually used in more inexpensive jewellery that is made to be strong, durable but affordable. These include costume jewellery shops, which are allowed to market that their products contain gold, or as gold jewellery, here in Singapore as long as the gold used is at least 9k gold. 9k gold is also used in dental work, such as gold crowns. This type of jewellery is great for those that need their jewellery to hold up well, such as those working in industrial or retail jobs.


14K and 18K Gold

14k and 18k, or 585 and 750 gold are the next gold grades, with the purity of the gold at 58.5% and 75% respectively. They are usually used with precious or semi-precious stones as these grades have a great strength to them that supports the gem better. These grades of gold are often used in jewellery made for daily wear, such as wedding rings and lockets, as they are more resistant to tarnishing than lower gold grades while being stronger than 22k and 24k gold.


22K and 24K Gold 

22k and 24k gold, also known as 916 and 999 gold, are the purest forms of gold commercially available. Often used in luxury jewellery, gold makes up 91.6% and 99.9% of the weight. These gold grades are often the softest and if they are not thick enough, they tend to get scratched or go out of shape easily. It is rare to find rings that use 22k or 24k gold for that very reason, as we use our hands too often to ensure the appearance of the gold. However, these gold grades are the most resistant to tarnishing and are perfect for daily wear as long as they are used in bracelets, pendants and chains, which are not touched as frequently. To add colour and sparkle to these gold grades, other metals such as rhodium or silver are used as they are light enough to be supported by the gold.

Our 916 and 999 gold pieces are perfect for daily wear as pendants, chains, necklaces, earrings and bracelets. With a wide variety of designs and sizes, there is something for every gold lover. Whether you are looking for a birthday present for a newborn or an anniversary gift, you can find it in our catalog of products. Come take a look at all available designs on our website today!